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September 10, 2006

comics_blambot.gifAs most of my friends and family know, I have several websites. I’m not a professional, but I appreciate good design and I’m always working to improve my own site designs.

A big part of site design is using the right fonts. They need to be eye-catching, fit the general feel of your site. They shouldn’t be garish (unless the whole site is) and, most of all, they need to be legible.

One of my internet pals (meaning I’ve never actually met them in ‘real life’ but have known them for years) is a fantastic font designer and he recently placed 9 in a font designer contest with over 600 entrants. I would say that he deserved to be higher, but I am a bit biased.

Check out his site at If you have an eye for it, you’ll probably recognize some of the fonts as being used on my own sites. He designs for comics, but many of his fonts are useful for design work in general.

Congratulations Nate! You deserve it!