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Let’s Have a Great 2008!

December 29, 2007

926629_2008_with_balloons_2.jpgAnother year is starting and I can only hope that things start getting better.

Not that things have been terrible, but they have been far from great or even good. They have been ‘okay.’

We started 2007 with both my husband, Chris, and my cat, Audrey, being diagnosed with cancer. Both of them had surgery to remove the tumor. Chris’s surgery was successful. Audrey’s was not.

After Chris had his surgery he had a very painful and long recovery period. In fact, his incision still hurts to this day.

During all of this, the Audrey’s tumors began to reappear, even worse than before. We had decided not to put her through surgery again and on June 28th we had to put her to sleep. She had been my pet for 15 years – almost half of my life – and I still cry if I think about her too much (like right now, for instance.)


Then we found out that Chris has severe sleep apnea – so severe that his bi-pap machine has been designated a ‘life support system.’ The diagnosis was actually a good thing as getting the machine has helped take care of a few problems such as his high blood pressure and constant sleepiness. However, it’s just one more thing we have to deal with and will have to deal with for the rest of our lives.

853448_piggy_bank_3.jpgMoney has been even tighter because of all of the new bills and we didn’t have enough before. Chris is in even worse shape now due to the surgery, the sciatica he developed while recovering from the surgery and his ever-mystifying ‘IBS’ problems – which is not IBS but the doctors can not identify what it actually is. Therefore, a regular day job is just not feasible for him.

927052_usb_cable.jpgOn the plus side, I am still in the IT department at my workplace after a year. I still feel rather ignorant but no one has suggested kicking me out of the department (to my knowledge, anyways.) Our medical insurance is pretty good and I did just get a raise.

As for 2008, I’ll still be at my job and Chris has several things being published. A few comic book series, a couple of graphic novels and probably more prose anthologies.

I’m hoping to finish one of the two of my novels that are almost done and submit them for publication. If they’re not ‘bought’ I’ll publish them myself and see if I can sell them on my own.

renee-oconnor-01.jpgChris and I are both determined to get in better shape this year meaning that we have to both excercise and eat better. We’re turning our game room into a mini-gym with an excercise bike and a Nordic Track. I would say I hope we stick with it, but I’m not going to. I’m going to say that we are going to stick with it, period. I may never look like Renee O’Connor over there to your left, but I’d like to get as close as possible.

chinafall.jpgzoepeek.jpgWe have already made some changes in the pet’s diets. We adopted a new kitty in August – Zoe. Both she and China (the dog) have been put on higher quality foods and the difference in China has been very evident. She’s trimmed down to her perfect weight, she has more energy and she seems to be in better spirits overall. All of you out there who think ‘pet food is pet food’ take it from me – pet food is just like human food – some of it is great but most of it is crap. For more information on pet food, go HERE.

I decided to make resolutions this year. I usually do but I never really take it seriously. After the past few years I’ve decided to change that and try to make some major changes in our lives. I don’t expect it to be an overnight success but something has to change. I’m tired of being tired and the depression is starting to really sink in. So, here they are:

  • Get in Shape
  • Help Chris get in shape
  • Take better care of our car
  • Eat better
  • Be less wasteful – compost everything possible, recycle, etc.
  • Work on getting out of debt
  • Stick to a budget
  • Help Chris stick to the budget
  • Finish at least one novel and submit it for publication
  • Update my websites on a more regular basis, including my fan site, personal site, and pet blog
  • Help Chris keep his websites up to date
  • Re-join the community band and stick with it
  • Practice my clarinet at least twice a week
  • Watch less television
  • Make a cleaning schedule and stick to it so that I’m not spending all weekend cleaning the house
  • Go to bed at 10:00 every work night
  • Be a better gardener – weeds, bugs, pruning, etc.
  • Finish household projects such as painting the garage trim, adding more smoke detectors, etc.

So, you think that’s enough? I might have time to take a breath on Saturdays at 8:30 a.m. Hee hee hee.

And hey, even if 2008 isn’t as great as I would like it to be, at least Bush will be (should be) leaving office and taking Cheney with him. Rock on!