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Reid State Park and Around the House

June 22, 2005

A couple of weekends ago we went down to Reid State Park. We’ve been to this park before, on our honeymoon, and not much has changed. It’s still very pretty, despite the fact that we got there at low tide.
The beach looks nice, but I’m sure that if it had been a sunny day instead of chilly and gray, it would have been teeming with peoples.
Some Sea Roses (which smell wonderful) were growing between some rocks on the cliff overlooking the ocean.
On the way there and back, we passed this interesting rock painted like a turtle. I don’t think this is the ‘turtle of enormous girth’ but he’ll do for a scenic attratction.
In gardening news, the gladiolus that I planted in memory of my grandmother are growing quite well. They’re those green shoots between the hosta and salvia.
In the back yard, the field is full of white daisies, yellow dandelions and orange dandelions, which I had never seen before. There’s also plenty of purple clover blossoms and, oh yes, lots of mosquitos. Fortunately, there are still many dragonflies around and they’re doing a pretty good job keeping those numbers down during the day. At night however…I think they need to add a graveyard shift to their schedule.


Popham Beach and Around the House

May 11, 2005

It’s been a while since I posted…again. It seems that nothing is really happening, but I’m always so very busy.
The above picture is one I took two weekends ago when we took our second day trip down to Popham Beach. It was taken from the back of the Popham fort. The picture below is from the same viewpoint, but about thirty minutes later when the rain started tapering off. We’ve been having a lot of rain the past few weekends, but we haven’t let it stop us from enjoying the scenery.
Some of the scenery is just a short walk away. This next picture is of the ‘stream’ that connects to the Belgrade lakes. This stream is right behind my sister-in-law’s house, which is only about a10 minute walk away from our house. No, I don’t know why this isn’t considered a river, but hey, they call it a ‘stream’ up here.
For an update on my tree picture project, here’s this week’s picture. Amazing what a difference a week can make, huh? It’s about time, really. I’ve been very anxious to see the leaves come in. The bush next to the tree is growing too, but even slower than the trees.


Views of Maine

March 22, 2005

Four years ago, when Chris and I came to Maine for our honeymoon, I picked up a few postcards to send home to relatives and friends.

Well…they never quite made it. In fact, I found three of the following postcards in my glove compartment about a year ago. I tacked them on my bulletin board to remind me of our eventual goal. Now, I can share them with you to give more examples of why we wanted to live here.

Aerial view of Augusta, the state capital.
An aerial view of Belgrade Lakes. We live a few miles to the ‘right’ of this picture.
Another view of Belgrade Lakes.
A view of China Lake, which is close by.


Blizzard after blizzard after blizzard

March 10, 2005

A couple of months ago I remember complaining on this blog about a blizzard that passed us by and how ticked off I was about that. Well, I think the snow gods heard me.

The past two Tuesdays, we have been hit with snowfalls of 10 inches each. And the forecast for the the weekend? More snow, and it looks like a lot of it.

I’m not really complaining, because I still love the snow, but now that I have a job it can be a little bit of a nuisance – especially when the snow is over a foot deep and the driveway is impassible.

We’re fortunate that we have relatives that will plow our driveway, but they normally can’t get over to our house until after work. Last Tuesday, I got stuck twice in our driveway. This week, we woke up to find half the driveway plowed, so someone was up early. Thanks Dave!

Here are a few pictures of the scenery around the house right now.

There are the trees in our back yard, covered with snow.
A nice picture of the field behind our house and the woods beyond.
Chris’ car. Good thing it’s not due back at the leasing office until April or May.
The snowplow took out the mailbox, so this is where it spent its Wednesday.
My attempt at an artistic picture. I thought it turned out kind of nice.
This is my favorite picture I took. I was trying to do another one of those ‘artistic’ pictures and didn’t even notice China running in the background. This was one of those happy accidents. Doesn’t she look like she’s having a blast?


This week’s ‘blizzard’ didn’t pass us by

February 10, 2005

The last time a ‘blizzard’ was supposed to dump a foot of snow on us, it pretty much passed us by, which pretty much ticked me off.

This time, it’s here and looks like it’s here to stay for a day or so. Yesterday, almost all the snow was gone, but today, the world is white once again.

China, not enjoying the muddy, slushy back yard
China in her ‘new’ back yard, the way she prefers it.
The house, from the back yard
The woods are all white when you look into them now.
A view of the edge of the woods.


Living in Maine

February 4, 2005

I thought I’d post a few pictures of what it’s like to live in Maine. For those of you who haven’t read the whole blog, you might want to note that we moved here two months ago from hot, humid Florida, so Maine has been quite an adjustment. For me, it’s been a very welcome adjustment.

It’d be perfect if I could find a freakin’ job.

If the following isn’t enough for you, check out my dog’s blog over at

The cat really doesn’t like the dog much, but when it comes to the heat vent, she’ll get really close. As you can see here, she’d probably prefer to sleep inside the heat vent box.
This is one of Audrey’s favorite spots. Right now, it’s only sunny for about an hour or two, but I’m sure that once summer gets here, we’ll find her here a lot more.
Just for Mom – here’s what a Maine gravel pit looks like. You know, those pits that Stephen King is always writing about.
Here’s China trudging through some of the snow in the back yard. It’s still pretty deep closer to the woods.


‘Baby, you’ve got moxie!’

December 22, 2004

I’ve mentioned quite a few things that I looked forward to when we decided to move to Maine and most of those have come to fruition.

Some of those perks come in small packages and one of those perks up here in Maine is Moxie®.

Most people know Moxie as something someone has; ‘That girl sure has moxie!’ But it started out as one of the first popular soft drinks in the USA. At one time, it outsold Coca-Cola and Pepsi combined! Moxie was even sold as an ice cream flavor.

Moxie isn’t known far and wide as it once was, but it’s still available in many stores up here in Maine, including the two corner markets just down the street on either side of our new abode.

If you’ve never had Moxie I’ll just say that you either love it or you hate it. I love it. My husband hates it.

What does it taste like? It tastes like a mild root beer with a kick of ginger. Another description would be Dr. Pepper mixed with Root Beer.

If you ever get up to Maine, be sure to pick up a bottle of Moxie and try it. You might like it, and you can always tell people that you’ve tasted the first popular soft drink in America.

For more great info about Moxie, including historical information and it’s fan base today, visit this site: Maine Farmhouse Journal: Entry Dated July 6 – 10, 2000

The Original Moxie Man
Today’s Moxie Man

See ya in Maine!

December 3, 2004

Last blog entry for a while…

We’re in the process of packing up the last boxes and hopefully getting a few hours sleep before the movers get here to pack up the truck.

Wish us all luck! The next time I post, it’ll be from the chilly north.


Six days and counting…

November 30, 2004

Marxism of the Day:
Either this man is dead or my watch has stopped. – Groucho, “A Day at the Races”

Six more days and then we’re off!Three months ago I was asking people for advice on how to make the time go by quicker. Now, I’m wishing for more time. I’ve always been a procrastinator, and even though this time I was much better than usual, I still wish I had more time to do a few more things.

I wanted to take some pictures of the few things I’ve enjoyed about South Florida. I also wanted to take some pictures of the hotel and the surrounding beach at which Chris and I were married. I wanted to get a hair cut. I wanted to have both of our cars cleaned – although that’s probably silly. We’re about to take a very long road trip so that should probably wait until we’re there anyway.

We did get one thing done early, something I had planned to do after we got to Maine, we got China her dog coat. She actually likes wearing it and modeled for some pictures for us. Visit her blog to check it out.

Chris’ comic ‘Gravedigger’ came out last Wednesday and it’s been getting some really good reviews and good word of mouth. If you can’t find it in your local comic shop (it was independently published and can be hard to find) you can buy it here: Rorschach Entertainment Gravedigger Page

It’s personally my favorite thing that Chris has written for comics (I’m not sure if I’ve even told him that – sometimes I’m not such a great wife) and I highly recomend it to fans of crime fiction of fans of bad-ass characters. It is intended for mature readers so don’t buy a copy for the kiddies. It has very little bad language, graphic violence or the like but the themes are simply not meant for children.

Six days…oy! Send good vibes so that this will go as smooth as possible.


Saved, my a$$

November 22, 2004

Marxism of the Day:
Money frees you from doing things you dislike. Since I dislike doing nearly everything, money is handy. – Groucho

Had a pretty uneventful weekend – packed up some boxes, watched some movies.

Move Recomendation: ‘Saved

We watched Saved this past Saturday night and enjoyed it thouroughly (did I spell that right?). I think I would have enjoyed it more if I didn’t come from a religious background. The movie was quite realistic in depicting the attitudes, behaviour and mind-set of modern Christians. While all the characters were deeper than most characters in movies and none of them were despicable, some of the actions and ideas were. It’s hard for me to look back at those 4 years I spent deeply entrenched in that lifestyle without becoming disgusted and covetous of those wasted years.

What do I mean by that? I’ll try to be fair. My church was full of good people who were genuinely caring, loving and giving people. However, the church bureaucracy was the same as any bureaucracy – the more power the better. My church was always in the forefront of politics, making sure the county stayed dry (that means no liquor) among other things. Even then I was very much opposed to mixing religion and politics but there was a mindset that we had to save the world all at once, instead of taking it one person at a time – you know, making it a personal thing instead of a state-mandated thing.

Then there was the whole hatred of the homosexuals and their lifestyle. There was no way to even discuss the idea that maybe it wasn’t a choice, that perhaps it was just the way they are. Nope. Bible says it’s wrong, it’s wrong. End of discussion. Doesn’t matter that they ignored other ‘laws’ that the Bible spouts (it’s okay to own slaves and sell your children, it’s your duty to kill your neighbor for working on the Sabbath, etc. etc. etc.) but that one thing was still valid.

One of my favorite quotes from ‘Saved’ was after a scene that was included in the trailer. After an attempted exorcism, Hillary Faye (Mandy Moore) throws her Bible at Mary (Jena Malone) stating that she’s FILLED with Christ’s love. Mary holds up the Bible and says, “This is not a weapon, you idiot.”

She’s right, but so many people out there are using it as if it were a weapon – something to beat others down with, to subjugate them and control them.

On a brighter note, here’s another picture of the Belgrade area:

Only two more weeks…