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No surprise

September 23, 2007

Which Early 19th Century Literary Heroine Are You?

You are Jane Eyre, from Charlotte Bronte’s excellent book of the same name. Jane might not be pretty, but she is dedicated and determined to make her own way in the world. she is confident and smart, and doesn’t let the world get her down, even though it tries a lot.

5% of people had this result.

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Be carefull…this is a real time suck

August 11, 2007

A few weeks ago a friend on a dog message board I visit pointed all of us to this site call lolcats. The site is a compilation of photos of cats (and a few dogs, birds, rabbits, otters and ferrets, but mostly cats) with captions.

The ‘cats’ have their own language and several running gags and, I hate to admit it, they’re freakin’ hilarious.

I prefer the blog version of the site: I can haz cheeseburger

The blog breaks it down into categories so that you can skip to your own favorite running gag.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Hai Dave

Cloggin yr tubez

Hee hee hee


If only I could get away with this…

June 23, 2007



I Love the 80’s….

February 18, 2007

I’m not a big fan of Hugh Grant (I thought Four Weddings and a Funeral was one of the most over-rated films of the 90’s) and while I don’t avoid him, I certainly don’t go out of my way to see his films.

I may have to seek out his latest, though. Romantic comedies that include Drew Barrymore usually have a little something special about them and that is usually Drew herself. She, like Reese Witherspoon, can take a run-of-the-mill character that would be dull and lifeless in most actresses’ hands and turn them into someone one can respect and even like.

Her latest movie, with Hugh Grant, is another romantic comedy titlted ‘Music and Lyrics.’ Not a real high-concept story idea, but the fact that it starts off with a dead-on recreation of an 80’s-style music video makes me even more interested in seeing it. We’ll probably wait for the DVD release but I know it’s something we’ll see eventually and probably enjoy.

Here’s the music video:


It’s coming…

October 21, 2006



Whadya know? I CAN embed video

September 30, 2006

Just surfing around YouTube, looking for new Michael J. Fox clips (found his 1980 McDonald’s commercial – that was a hoot) and came across this. Children of the 80’s, enjoy.

(Let’s hope this works)

The Breakfast Club Condensed to 60 seconds


Wish I could embed video…

September 13, 2006

…because if I could I would embed this.

Fan of Monty Python AND Star Trek? Check out this YouTube Video:

Kirk and Crew visit Camelot


Hmmm…maybe next campaign

August 16, 2006

halfelfranger.jpgI Am A: Neutral Good Half-Elf Ranger

Neutral Good characters believe in the power of good above all else. They will work to make the world a better place, and will do whatever is necessary to bring that about, whether it goes for or against whatever is considered ‘normal’.

Half-Elves are a cross between a human and an elf. They are smaller, like their elven ancestors, but have a much shorter lifespan. They are sometimes looked down upon as half-breeds, but this is rare. They have both the curious drive of humans and the patience of elves.

Rangers are the defenders of nature and the elements. They are in tune with the Earth, and work to keep it safe and healthy.

Find out What D&D Character Are You?, courtesy of NeppyMan!


Nuts about Schroeder

November 12, 2005

You are Schroeder!

Which Peanuts Character are You?
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Hee Hee Hee

June 8, 2005

A good comic makes you laugh AND think. Medium Large is one of the best.

Edited to Add: Be sure to click the image to read the whole thing – it’s wider than the blog.