Wow…this is a first

January 13, 2008

For the first time that I can remember, I took an online quiz and it gave me the results I expected.

Over here is a quiz that will match you up with the appropriate presidential candidate. Of course it’s a short quiz and it’s multiple choice so it isn’t perfect, but I think the list it gave me is pretty much right on the money, with one exception.

The candidate I most agree with: Dennis Kucinich with Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama in second and third place. John Edwards is lower than I think he should be (6th) but like I said, it’s not an extensive quiz.

The person who was dead last on my list? Mike Huckabee – and that’s where I think he should be. Living in Arkansas while he was the Reverend Governor was bad enough. I do not want to suffer his presidency.



  1. LOL I also had Kucinich, Cliton, and Obama with Edwards coming in 4th. My guess is that Some of your 4ths and 5ths etc. will change based on how you answer the importance of each question.

    on this one :

    Gravel, Biden, and Kucinich (all dems)

    and yet again:

    Dennis Kucinich 90% similarity
    • 2 Mike Gravel 88% similarity
    • 3 John Edwards 79% similarity
    • [Mike Huckabee \/] 40% similarity 10

  2. my lowest was Huckabee on the glassbooth one LOL

  3. I no longer live in the States, so I’m a little out of the loop, but…who the hell is Mike Gravel? He was at the top of my list with Hillary 2nd and Obama 3rd. Mitt Romney was on the bottom.

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