September 6, 2007

I haven’t posted in a while. For the past month I haven’t been feeling very well. It’s something that happens every summer that my doctor hasn’t figured out yet. Unfortunately, it really tires me out. This year, it’s causing short-term memory problems too. Kind of forgot I had a blog, lol.

Over Labor Day weekend we went to Acadia National Park. Take my advice. Don’t go on a holiday weekend. While it probably wasn’t as busy as it is during the peak of the summer months, it was way too busy for my tastes. Everything I wanted to see, so did everyone else. No place to park. We went to the part of the island that was less populated, but there were still too many for me. I hope we can go back later in the fall so I can enjoy it because it was very pretty.

I’ll have pictures later.



  1. maybe you have reverse Seasonal Affective Disorder! ok so there’s no such thing as reverse SAD LOL….bad summer allergies maybe?????

    Acadia is awesome……..did you check out Bar Harbor too, or just Acadia? I agree it gets too crowded. Did you get a chance to check out the thunder whole or Sand Beach? I hate it when the parking lots are full.

  2. heh heh…I spelled hole like whole instead of hole!

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