Oh – my – goodness – do I feel stupid

July 29, 2007

tomato-seedling.jpgIn the middle strip of my garden this year, I started getting a new weed that I had never seen before. At first, I let them grow, thinking they might be the carrot seeds I planted weeks before. I finally pulled one when the plant got about a foot tall. Definitely not a carrot.

I’ve been pulling a lot of them, probably about 30 so far. I found out today what they are.

They’re freakin’ tomato plants! I’ve been pulling perfectly good tomato plants because I didn’t recognize something I spent several hours pouring over at the plant store earlier this Spring. I just happened to be reading a gardening blog and he posted a picture of his tomato seedling and it suddenly clicked.

I know how they got there, too. Last year, my tomatoes became infested with moles who ate a lot of my tomatoes. I didn’t throw them out – I just mixed them in the dirt as compost. Since I’m still pretty new to all this gardening stuff, I didn’t stop to think that all those seeds were going to do something.

I’ll probably still pull any seedlings because it’s too late for them to really do anything before it gets cold but my goodness, I feel rather stupid and very unobservant.


  1. Doh

  2. Girls For Matures

  3. It’s funny, I found your blog post because I was looking for pictures of tomato seedlings, because I thought that maybe I had weeds, as well. I am *hoping* they are tomatoes, because we had tomatoes in that area last year, but it sure seems like there are a lot of them. I guess I have to wait a little while longer to see what they really are. But, do I go buy tomato plants? hmmm 🙂
    Thanks for a fun (and informative!) post!

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