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My HP Questions: Book Two

July 17, 2007

hp2cos.jpgDay two of this long week until Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows brings me to my questions from book two, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets – Year Two at Hogwarts.

  1. In every book, at least once and sometimes more than that, Hermione reminds everyone that no one can apparate inside Hogwarts grounds. So – what about house elves? Dobby does it twice in this book – the first time when he visits Harry in the hospital and then ‘pops’ away and the second time after he’s put the smack-down on Lucius Malfoy. I highly doubt this is ‘sloppy writing’ on Rowling’s part, since, like I said, we are almost beaten over the head with this no apparating state of Hogwarts.
    1. Theory: Perhaps they can do it simply because they are there to do housework and need a faster way to get around. Most wizards obviously don’t take them very seriously and therefore probably don’t think much about it.
  2. This question is one my husband is always asking me: If Wizards can create food out of thin air with their wands, can fix anything, can transfigure objects into something else – why are there poor wizards? If the Weasley’s house is held together by magic, why can’t they ‘magic up’ a better house? I mean, the Burrow is nifty but is often portrayed as almost falling apart. And why should any of them have to wear antique dress robes – transfigure the damn things into something presentable.
  3. Has the school ever been sued over that Whomping Willow?
  4. Why was Nearly Headless Nick (nearly) beheaded in the first place? He seems like such a nice guy. Was he a whistle blower way back in the day and had to be killed to shut him up…or is it something more sinister? Hmmmm.
  5. Tom Riddle – Lord Voldemort – told Harry that Hagrid had tried to raise werewolf cubs under his bed while they were both at Hogwarts. Assuming this is true (and we know how trustworthy that snake is – bleah) how would werewolf cubs come about? In later books, it’s established that werewolves become so when they are bitten by another werewolf. Are cubs the product of two werewolves? Personally, I’ll just keep thinking that Voldemort was exaggerating to make his point.

I think that’s all I have for tonight. How about you?