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New flowers

June 22, 2007

Things in the vegetable garden haven’t been going well. The tomato plants seem to be doing okay – the flowers have started blooming so that’s a good sign – and the pumpkins are doing well, but not much else is.

The lettuce and squash never even sprouted. I think I have three pea plants, but they stopped growing at about 1 inch. I have three watermelon sprouts, but they’re still tiny. The strawberries are growing and getting ripe, but they’re really small.

The things that are growing the best are the vegetables I planted for someone else – radishes. They were the first thing to sprout and I’ll be picking them this weekend. They did great! I’m not a huge fan of radishes, but I ate one the other day and they are so much tastier straight from the ground. I’m not surprised by that – I was just surprised that it made me want to eat the whole thing.

The flowers are doing much better than the vegetables this year. The plant I’ve really been wanting to flower finally did this week and wow, is it beautiful. The yellow roses opened up and they’re huge and have a pink fringe around each petal. Here, check it out.


Edited Saturday, June 23rd because I called my radishes both turnips and radishes in the same sentence.