June 8, 2007

NorbertMugglenet has posted artwork for the Deluxe Edition of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Quite interesting. I think this is the first time riding a dragon has even be alluded to.

To me, it looks like this dragon has a ridge down his neck, and I assume it keeps going down his back. Perhaps this is Norbert, the Norweigan Ridgeback from book one. Hey, it could happen. I’m sure Hagrid would be happy to know he’s alive and well.

How fast do dragons grow, anyway?

Can’t wait for July.


  1. How many more days do we have…

  2. WHAT???? First, of all, Norbert is a GIRL (Norberta), and second of all, he is really young! He was only born 6 years before this!! This dragon has been around for a LONG time. Plus, the books mention that Norberta lives in Romania.

  3. Please note that this post was created before the book was even released so we still didn’t even know who this dragon was.

    Calm down a little, Italia.

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