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Halloween, Thanksgiving and more

November 19, 2006

Well, Halloween has come and gone. For our anniversary we went up to the in-laws camp and stayed there for four days. We didn’t see another living soul, we watched movies, read books, kept a nice fire going and despite the terrible weather, we didn’t lose power once. It was a nice vacation – something we’ve had trouble having. The only thing that marred the long weekend was the fact that China got so homesick. We can’t figure out what she was missing, but she wanted to go home from day one.

Thanksgiving is this week and despite the fact that I have to work half a day on Friday (why in the world does a lumber company think it has to be open the day after Thanksgiving? If I remember correctly from last year, it’s not exactly the first place people stop at for their Christmas shopping) it’ll be nice to have the long weekend. I’m making the turkey for Thanksgiving and I’m going to try to make a pumpkin pie from scratch – yes, using a real pumpkin (assuming there are any pie pumpkins left at the supermarket tomorrow night). I’m going to buy canned pumpkin as well, in case I screw it up, but I want to try it.

Healthwise, things are so so. I’ve gone two weeks without missing any work, so that’s a good thing. I’m still having headaches, but that could just be from the dry air.

My spirits have been uplifted somewhat by the election results. I don’t really have any more faith in the american public than I did before, but there’s only so much screwing over that people will take. I’m sure that in two years, the right-wing nutjobs of the general public will be back out in force and the Presidential race is going to be nasty and possibly rigged – again. Hopefully, the new electees will do a good enough job so that those out there who want a theocracy will be somewhat ignored.

I can only hope.