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Harvest Time

September 24, 2006

As you can tell by the header, I’ve harvested the pumpkins. I left three in the patch because they were still very small and green, but I cut all the rest, which totaled out to 11. I think that’s pretty good for my first year.

I was going to wait to cut them, but we’ve had a few frost warnings and I didn’t want to risk losing them. This means that I’ll have to be lugging them outside on sunny days to get them to finish turning orange, but I would rather do that than risk losing them completely.

In general, my first garden was pretty successful. Not everything grew like I wanted it to: We had lettuce for a week – then the pumpkin plants staged their coup and overpowered them. The cucumbers did great, but the tomatoes, while growing well were a bit of a disapointment because all those damn mice ate them.

I learned a lot, though. Next year, I’m definitely staking the tomatoes. I’m also going to have a separate area for the pumpkins and I’m going to train them to go where I want them to instead of letting them take over so aggresively. And maybe I can get the carrots to sprout.