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Whadya know? I CAN embed video

September 30, 2006

Just surfing around YouTube, looking for new Michael J. Fox clips (found his 1980 McDonald’s commercial – that was a hoot) and came across this. Children of the 80’s, enjoy.

(Let’s hope this works)

The Breakfast Club Condensed to 60 seconds


Night on the town…

September 30, 2006

Last night we went to Portland just to get away for a bit. It’s only an hour away, but it feels like a different world. There are things to do and places to go in Portland. Here in Belgrade, you have to make your own entertainment.

Sometimes, I miss living in a more metropolitan area, but not often. I had fun last night, but after a few hours I began to get nervous. Too  many people, bad driving, badly laid out streets. (The downtown area is beautiful, but not always logical in it’s layout.) I was glad to get home and relax.

Don’t get me wrong, Portland is a great place to visit. I look forward to finally being able to take a long walk around the downtown area. Several factors keep us from doing this right now, mainly health issues but we’re working on that. Also, the few times we’ve gone to Portland just to walk around, it has always started raining.

In many ways, Maine lives up to its motto ‘a great place to live.’ It’s a place where you can be seemingly out in the middle of nowhere, but after only an hour’s drive be in a heavy populated place with plenty of activities and excitement.



Harvest Time

September 24, 2006

As you can tell by the header, I’ve harvested the pumpkins. I left three in the patch because they were still very small and green, but I cut all the rest, which totaled out to 11. I think that’s pretty good for my first year.

I was going to wait to cut them, but we’ve had a few frost warnings and I didn’t want to risk losing them. This means that I’ll have to be lugging them outside on sunny days to get them to finish turning orange, but I would rather do that than risk losing them completely.

In general, my first garden was pretty successful. Not everything grew like I wanted it to: We had lettuce for a week – then the pumpkin plants staged their coup and overpowered them. The cucumbers did great, but the tomatoes, while growing well were a bit of a disapointment because all those damn mice ate them.

I learned a lot, though. Next year, I’m definitely staking the tomatoes. I’m also going to have a separate area for the pumpkins and I’m going to train them to go where I want them to instead of letting them take over so aggresively. And maybe I can get the carrots to sprout.


Autumn is on it’s way

September 15, 2006





Wish I could embed video…

September 13, 2006

…because if I could I would embed this.

Fan of Monty Python AND Star Trek? Check out this YouTube Video:

Kirk and Crew visit Camelot



September 10, 2006

comics_blambot.gifAs most of my friends and family know, I have several websites. I’m not a professional, but I appreciate good design and I’m always working to improve my own site designs.

A big part of site design is using the right fonts. They need to be eye-catching, fit the general feel of your site. They shouldn’t be garish (unless the whole site is) and, most of all, they need to be legible.

One of my internet pals (meaning I’ve never actually met them in ‘real life’ but have known them for years) is a fantastic font designer and he recently placed 9 in a font designer contest with over 600 entrants. I would say that he deserved to be higher, but I am a bit biased.

Check out his site at If you have an eye for it, you’ll probably recognize some of the fonts as being used on my own sites. He designs for comics, but many of his fonts are useful for design work in general.

Congratulations Nate! You deserve it!



September 4, 2006

kevin_sorbo-hercules_008.jpgThe camping trip didn’t happen.

Before I made reservations for the campsite, I did some research. You see, the only requirement that I have of a campsite is privacy.

I read several websites that said the Peaks-Kenny campgrounds were quiet, private, peaceful.


I suppose if you normally go to those campgrounds that have no trees and are basically a driveway with a small stretch of grass, sure, Peaks-Kenny is private, but it is not private in my book. The sites were nearly on top of each other, sometimes with no tress between them and ours was right next to the bathroom area. The path to the bathroom area was right behind our site and there were absolutely no trees between it and us, just a small ditch of mud.

I tried to give it a chance but five minutes after we were there, a kid walked right through our site without asking so he could play on the big rocks behind us. He was part of a group of 50 kids across the way. Okay, there weren’t 50, but there were 5 in one group and they were all screaming.

Down the way, someone had brought a frickin’ baby camping. A baby! Taking kids camping is one thing – if done right it can teach them that life isn’t all video games and television – but bringing a baby camping serves no purpose but to annoy those around them when they start screaming – and they always do.

China was excited by what was going on, but when China’s excited she becomes anxious and starts whining incessantly, which is what she did.

So, 10 minutes after we pulled in, we pulled out.

It was hard not to cry because we’ve been planning for this trip for two months, putting all our camping equipment in the corner of the kitchen so as to make us even more excited for the trip when it came. We haven’t even unpacked yet because it depressed us so badly, especially me.

Work has been better, in general, but lately I’ve been feeling very stressed by it. I don’t have the assertiveness to deal with the people who use the machines I’m working on and it’s making me dread going to work everyday again. I don’t like that and it’s making me very tired and sad. I don’t want to go back to scanning documents, but I don’t know if I can keep doing this, either.

The trip was supposed to help me decompress. The last time we went camping, it relaxed me a great deal. I didn’t get that this weekend – the phone ringing, the normal stuff you have to do when at home, etc. I don’t really feel like I’ve been relaxed at all this weekend. And here it is, Monday, and tomorrow I have to go back to work and I have that terrible knot in my throat again.

Hopefully it’ll get better. If not, hopefully I’ll gather the gumption to go talk to my supervisor to see what can be done about my problem areas because after all this time, I don’t think it’s going to get any better. I’m 34 years old and I’m frankly tired of people telling me to ‘get over’ my shyness and ‘just be myself.’ People, it doesn’t work and I don’t want to have to take drugs all of my life to deal with it either. There has got to be something I can do to earn a living that doesn’t require me to deal with strangers everyday. Every once in a while, I can handle, but everyday – it just wears me down.

Eh, I hate making negative posts. Too bad I’m so good at it. 😉

If you’re wondering about the picture that’s posted above, you obviously didn’t watch Hercules: The Legendary Journies. Don’t worry, it’s relevant to the post but you don’t need to know why to enjoy the picture. 🙂