What’s a kid got to do to get a little respect?

August 29, 2006


Rupert Grint and Julie Walters in Driving Lessons

It was just announced over at MuggleNet that Emma Watson (Hermione Granger, The Harry Potter series) has been nominated for yet another award – an award that Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter, The Harry Potter Series) has won twice.

I love these three kids – I think they’re near perfect casting for the Trio in the HP films. However, I honestly believe that Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley, The Harry Potter Series) is quite unfairly overlooked.

Take a look at their award nomination listings over at IMDB.com. Go ahead, I’ll wait….
Daniel Radcliffe
Emma Watson
Rupert Grint

Do you see what I’m getting at?

I’ve watched all four films many times. Playing Ron Weasley has got to be one of the most thankless jobs out there. Ron is a great character, but he has flaws that Harry Potter and Hermione Granger do not – Ron is the most human character of the trio, period. He’s doesn’t have that need to be a brave hero and he certainly doesn’t have the need to be the biggest know-it-all at Hogwarts. What Ron needs and wants is to pass his classes, play a little Quidditch and hopefully survive being Harry Potter’s best friend. He can be quite selfish and pig-headed, often misunderstanding things that are perfectly clear to almost everyone else, and he sometimes has a too-great desire for a little glory despite his frequent boughts of insecurity and his unlucky fear of spiders, be they small or giant.

Rupert Grint brings all of this to Ron with a subtlety that Radcliffe and Watson could never hope to master. Radcliffe sometimes so underplays his part that I often wonder if Harry’s a bit stoned. On the other hand, Watson so over-acts that when Hermione rolls her eyes at something silly I’m afraid her eyeballs are going to pop out of their sockets. I still think they’re well cast, but their inexperience often shows.
Grint gets it just right despite the underwriting of his character. Poor Ron hasn’t come off so well in the last two movies and I’ve heard that his ‘Weasley is our King’ storyline isn’t going to be included in the 5th film at all. I suppose that means Grint’s main job is going to be standing between Harry and Hermione, gaping in horror at things that happen around him while Harry fights and Hermione calculates.

But I betcha he’ll be the most convincing of the three.

I’m glad to hear that he (and Radcliffe) are working outside of the Potter franchise. I have to be honest when I say that I’m probably not going to go out of my way to see the Radcliffe film, but I will definitely be on the look out for Driving Lessons when it hits the US. Hopefully Radcliffe and Watson will mature into better performers, but since Grint is already at that level, I’m really looking forward to how much better he’s going to get.

For more information about Ruper Grint, check out RuperGrint.net


  1. Hey, you can also check out Ice Cream Man (ICM)
    –> http://www.rupert-grint.us

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more Brandi.

  3. It’s the nature of these awards, also. Usually they only have tow available slots- best/favorite actor and actress. Emma is the only girl among the trio, so there you go, and no one would dare brave the storm of nominating the second male lead over the first, so… Rupert gets left out.

  4. I completely agree..and have been trying to say this for a while! when on earth os he going to be recognised for the actor he is? Brilliant!
    I hope he gets nominated for best sidekick or something next year, because he’s much more likely to win it than daniel is for winning anything he’s nominated for.
    In some ways, i think this will have helped rupert though, kept im in his boots and made him realise that life’s tough in the acting world (unlike Emma who seems far too big for her boots, and daniel who’s going to be let down severely when he finishes potter).
    There’s a spark in rupert that many (books fans especially) can see, he practically oozes ron, whether he’s written to or not. I love that, and they can’t ignroe it forever..when the directors realise and decide to make him famous..he’ll be fabulous! So far they’ve been too preoccupied with forwarding the otehr too! He seems to be happy with OOTP, and Yates is supposedly a hige HP fan..so you never know!
    Oh, and there’s also the fact that he seems the lovliest and by far hte msot down-to-earth. 🙂

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