So, what’s with the changing header?

August 27, 2006

If anyone has been visiting this blog, you may have noticed that the header seems to change every once in a while. It’s always those same two pumpkins, but they seem to look a little different.

I’ve been taking pictures of the progress of my pumpkins and those two are my favorites. (Shh, don’t tell the others 😉 ). They’re turning orange the fastest and I find it a little fascinating to watch them change so quickly.

Here are a few pictures of their progress so you can get a better idea of how much they’ve changed in just the past 30 days.

August 10th:

August 10

August 23rd:

August 23

August 27th:

August 27

Nifty huh?

In other gardening news, I actually had some Gladiolus bloomed. Earlier this summer, my sister-in-law gave me a box of 75 glad bulbs for my birthday. I planted every one of them. Problem was, the wildflowers bloomed first and crowded the glads so badly that the only thing they did was grow the long, green leaves. I never saw any flower buds.

Until last week. Three on the end did bloom. What I find very interesting and quite bittersweet is that the ones that bloomed were the ones I bought last year and re-planted this year. The only glads that bloomed were the ones I bought in memory of my grandmother. Not all of them bloomed, because I bought pink ones last year as well and the only ones that bloomed this year are orange. Of course, I prefer orange over pink so there’s something else to think about. 🙂


And to close out this post of pictures, something happened yesterday that would never have happened if we were living in Florida. I was sitting in my office when I thought I saw two large dogs running in our back field. I looked closer to see if I knew the dogs when I realized they were a doe and her fawn. The fawn was still small but old enough to have lost it’s spots. They stood near the camp road for a bit, then continued on into the woods. I’ve seen a deer before, but never a fawn.



Sorry for the fuzziness. I was taking the pictures through a screened window.

Well, that’s all for today. Hoped you enjoyed the pictures!

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  1. This is why if you are ever driving and see one deer, stay slowed down for a bit because a baby could be right behind her!

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