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One more week…

August 26, 2006

Next weekend over the holiday Chris, China and I are going camping. We had hoped to go more than once this year, but it’s been a pretty rough summer and we’ve only planned the one trip.

We set up the tent tonight to let it air out and to clean out the dirt that wasn’t shaken out last year. If you wonder why we didn’t do that last year, well, there were a few reasons why:

1: The new Harry Potter book was sitting on my kitchen island and that meant that no one was going to get me to do anything but sit on the couch and read all day

2: Our septic tank decided to go on the fritz and we had to deal with that. (However, it only took me away from my book for two hours tops – there’s not much to be done but call the guys to fix it).

Thinking back, that’s when the ‘bad year’ started. I mean, we haven’t had a smooth time of it since we moved to Maine but this past year has been pretty disheartning at times. Money, health, etc.

Things are looking up and that’s good and I’m hoping that this camping trip will serve as a symbolic end to the ‘bad year’ that we’ve had. I’m at a new position at my job that I like better than my last position; Chris is getting more work and we were able to get him a new (refurbished) machine really cheap that will lead to even more work that he can do.

So, if anyone’s reading out there send some ‘good year +’ vibes out to us as we get set to go on our end of summer camping trip (although we’re already having Fall temperatures – yippee!)

And now for your viewing pleasure, Sunrise on Sebec Lake, which is where we’ll be camping next weekend.