August 23, 2006

My tomatoes are finally turning red. At least a dozen have ripened to the point that we can eat them.

How many have we eaten? 3 (plus 2 cherry tomatoes).

Why? Rodents.

A couple of weeks ago our back field was mowed, thrashed and the hay was taken away. Therefore, the field mice have taken to eating my cucumbers and tomatoes. I didn’t mind the cucumbers that much – we had tons (and still do – our bread bowl is overfull with the green veggies) but my tomatoes!

Tomatoes were the main reason I started a garden. No piece of produce tastes better than a homegrown tomato – and the few we’ve gotten have been great! But I’d like to enjoy more of them since I’m the one who’s been watering and weeding and watering. Lazy mouse buggers didn’t lift a freakin’ paw to help out!

Fortunately, they haven’t touched the pumpkins. I suppose tomatoes are too easy to eat and a pumpkin would require a little effort. Lazy buggers.

But I tell you, if they start gnawing on the pumpkins they’re going to find me out there waiting with a ten pound cat and a shotgun.

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