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The Health Gods Be Frownin’

August 17, 2006

As the title suggests, health issues have been rather – omnipresent this past month.

Chris started the month with gout. From what I could gather, this isn’t a comfortable condition. When I awoke one night to a yell and asked what was wrong, he said the sheet had touched his foot. Not the cat jumping on it (which did happen a few times, stupid cat) but a thin bed sheet.

So, that finally gets better but now here comes…kidney stones! They made their prescence known about 5:30 last night exclusively in Chris’ kidneys. He tried to tough it out (he had a doctor’s appointment just the next day) but we had to go to the ER where they gave him some nice drugs and he was feeling much better.

Today we saw the new Doc and she seems nice enough. At least, she wasn’t leaving the room every two seconds and she at least pretended to listen. We’ll have to wait and see if she really was listening.

And poor Miss Audrey (the foot jumping demon cat) has a lump on her chest. It’s a hard little knot and it’s not causing her any pain and she’s not acting any different. I’m not too worried about it, but we’re going to have it checked out just in case.

China was limping last month but we have that controlled with low dosages of aspirin.

I’ve had my own health problems as well but they’re of a more personal nature so I’m not going to go into them here.

It’s not been the healthiest of summers for any of us. We haven’t been able to do any of our day trips like we did last year and we’re really getting the cabin fever. The only ‘out’ that we have is our bi-weekly D&D games and Chris had to skip the last one because of health issues.

I’m still optimistic that things are going to turn around, believe it or not. We are determined to take better care of ourselves in all areas and this time, we have to or one of us is going to end up dead.

On a happier note, I now have 9 growing pumpkins, and two more that look like they’re going to take as well. I found a half-grown one tonight that I had somehow overlooked so there may be more hiding in that mess of vines.

I also have some kind of rodent in those vines, too. He hasn’t eaten any pumpkins (and if he does, he’s going to find me out there in the middle of the night with a sledgehammer) but he has eaten half a watermelon and two cucumbers. As long as he sticks to the (many, many) cucumbers, I won’t go off the deep end but I love my pumpkins and if he gets one of those, I’m taking no prisoners.

Still no tomatoes red enough to eat, but they’re getting close.

Two of my gladiolus plants have budded. Chris won that bet. Most of them have only sprouted leaves, though. I crowded them with too many wild flowers. Next year, they’ll get a section of their own.

Until next time (and with me, that might be NEXT summer. HAHAHAHAHA!)