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Old and New Funnies

November 13, 2004

Marxism of the Day: I was married by a judge. I should have asked for a jury. – Groucho Marx

I love the comic strip ‘Get Fuzzy.’ It’s funny, it can be sweet, it can be poignant and sometimes it states a truism that I never thought of before. Today’s strip is one of those:

<Image Lost — Do you have the November 13, 2004 ‘Get Fuzzy Strip?’ Email me!>

Behold…the power of cheese.


Television is all but ‘lost’ on me

November 12, 2004

Marxism of the Day:
“I find television very educating. Every time somebody turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book.” – Groucho Marx

I know I’m far from the first to be bemoaning the current state of television, but the fact that I’m not the first to complain has never shut me up before.

My respect for the general public has been taking a nose-dive over the past few years. From who they elect into office to what they watch on TV, I believe this proves that the average IQ has to be about, oh…10?

Right now, the husband and I think there are two good, smart shows on television. One is ABC’s surprise hit, “Lost.” The other is Fox’s (yes, FOX’s) comedy, “Arrested Development.” (There are a few other shows that we like but they are often hit-and-miss in terms of quality and are nothing we feel bad about skipping.)

So, it makes me moan in disgust when, after watching a deeply engrossing, intelligently scripted episode of “Lost,” I see the previews for what’s on next – ‘The Bachelor.’ A group of shallow, slutty women trying to get hooked up with a shallow, slutty man. I mean, crap like that on Fox is par for the course, but when tne major networks start running this garbage, you know the public has become shallow and just plain mean. They want to see people who are more pathetic than themselves. People who will sink to such depths that the viewing audience feels far superior and smarter.

Maybe since I was ‘the nerd’ in school I just don’t understand the thrill of watching public humiliation. I know how excrutiatingly painful it is to be the one humiliated so I’ve never gotten off on watching others suffer, even those that deserve it.

Well…if President Bush ever gets what’s truly coming to him, I might take a little pleasure in that, but that’s one public humiliation that I doubt will ever be seen on any public television station.

So, once we move, no more cable. We can only hope reception is good enough on Wednesday nights so we can keep up with “Lost.” If not, we’ll see it when it comes out on DVD. I think our ever-growing DVD collection will keep us entertained.


Marxism of the Day

November 11, 2004

No, not KARL Marx.

“You can leave in a taxi. If you can’t get a taxi, you can leave in a huff. If that’s too soon, you can leave in a minute and a huff. You know, you haven’t stopped talking since I came here? You must have been vaccinated with a phonograph needle.” — Groucho Marx, Duck Soup – 1933


Maybe it’s not as bad as I thought…

November 9, 2004

Over on MSNBC, Keith Olberman has been investigating some possible voter fraud issues.

Hmmm…maybe the majority of my fellow Americans aren’t as blind as I had feared.

Trying to forget about politics, I’ve been working on getting us moved to Maine. It’s less than a month away and I still haven’t gotten a really good start on all the tasks to be done. I’m not worried, really. I’m good at getting things done, even at the last minute. (Not that I plan to wait until the last minute…)

The past few weeks have been odd at work. Normally, I’m cranky because I know that at least once, I’ll have to talk to or correspond with a dolt that calls himself/herself a customer. The problem is, where I work, we only hear from the trouble-makers and thieves, so it’s never pleasant when that phone rings.

However, the past two weeks, I have been basically on ‘stand-by.’ Someone else is doing customer support and I’m here to help out if something should go wrong or if the new CS person gets stuck. I’ve been given separate projects as well, but nothing major.

It’s been really nice and I haven’t been nearly as cranky. It will be nice if I never have to deal with problem customers again. They piss me off.


It’s 1984, all over again…

November 8, 2004

This past week has been a rough one for me. I’ve been rather depressed and feeling that almost everything is pointless and/or hopeless. I’m trying to put that behind me, because nothing is hopeless but it’s been rather difficult.

Why am I so depressed, you ask? Simple: Half of the people that make up the country I love voted for a man based on ‘moral’ issues.

Moral issues. Yeah, right.

2 gay men getting married is worse than over 1000 dead US citizens fighting a war under false pretenses?

All children getting left behind (unless you can afford high-priced private schools) is better than one stem-cell being used for research?

It sickens me that anyone could put their personal dogma above the personal freedoms of a fellow US citizen. You can’t convert by force and making law based on religious views is a dangerous road to take. It can lead to terrible things and in the end, the ones left in power will be telling you how to conduct every facet of your life. And what if the ones in power do not adhere to your personal belief system? What if they want you to pray to Mary as well as Jesus, or decree that only immersion baptisms are valid?

The United States of America is a very diverse place containing many diverse cultures within it’s borders. Diversity, although it can create conflict, is a healthy, productive thing. It causes us all to think, to consider different possiblities and to open our minds to new experiences.

I have yet to understand why this is so threatening to so many people. It doesn’t devalue your own culture, your own belief system. It only shows you that there are people who can and do think differently than you. Is the ‘moral majority’ so thin-skinned, so shallow, so narrow-minded that they think learning and accepting new ideas will corrupt them and turn them to the dark side of the force?

I’m certain that many of my past ‘church’ friends think this of me – that I’ve been corrupted. I know that many have stopped corresponding with me after I asked them to stop sending me emails urging me to vote for a church-supported candidate or sign a petition making sure certain materials were banned from public view because they’re ‘offensive.’ I’m sure they even think I’ve stopped believing in God. That’s the furthest thing from the truth. I simply do not (and have never) believed that my COUNTRY should be telling me what God to believe in or what morals to adhere to or what materials are proper for me to view.

I’ve never wanted to live in a fascist country. Unfortunately, I now do.

Thank you so much, my ‘moral majority’ friends. You’ve taken us back to 1984, in more ways than one.


It’s Now or Never

November 1, 2004

In an hour, it’ll be November 2nd and in 8 hours, the last voting day will begin.

Like me, many have already voted, opting to use either an absentee ballot or the early voting system available in several states.

If you haven’t, this is it. It’s your last chance to make a difference. And yes, one vote CAN make a difference so don’t ‘not’ do it because you don’t think it’s worth your while or because you’re just plain lazy. If you’re registered, get out there and do it!

It’s been a nasty election year and I highly doubt it will be over tomorrow – or a week from tomorrow, for that matter. I sincerely hope that I’m wrong, but I fear that the worst is just starting.

I’ve been running a Michael J. Fox fan site for 5 years now ( and I’ve received more mail through the site in this past month than I have in the past 5 years combined.

Unfortunately, I have only heard from the jerks, morons and assholes – and not because they disagree with Mr. Fox’s views on stem-cell research – but because they can’t behave like civil human beings. They can’t just disagree and cast their votes to reflect that. No, they have to hurl insults, make nasty comments and behave like spoiled, bratty children who can’t even entertain the fact that someone might just disagree with thier narrow world view.

In the past few years, it seems to me that the only people you hear from, on any topic, are these people. Decent, intelligent, civilized human beings are being drowned out by the radicals, the extremists and the ignorant zealots. Probably because the smart ones know that nothing will change the mind of the zealot. That’s why they’re called zealots.

It makes me sad and sometimes ashamed to be a human being.

A famous ‘musician’ (I use the term loosely) is using the slogan ‘vote or die.’ I think I’ll sign off by saying, ‘Shut up and vote.’

–Kerry in 2004, woot!