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A Super Man Leaves Us

October 11, 2004

On the way to work this morning, Chris and I heard about Christopher Reeve’s passing. Most people remember him as Superman, as well they should. He gave one of the best portrayals of Superman ever – genuine, charming, even witty. His Clark Kent on the other hand…

However, I remember him best for his role of Richard Collier in the film ‘Somewhere in Time’ based on Richard Matheson’s novel, “Bid Time Return.” It has been a favorite film of mine since I was a kid and probably too young to even understand what was really going on. The performance’s of Reeve, Jane Seymour and Christopher Plummer have always struck a chord with me. As an adult, I can truly appreciate the film for all it has to offer and I love it even more.

Chris (my husband) has written in his own blog about his feelings of Mr. Reeve’s passing. I believe he perfectly sums up how I feel as well and I urge your to visit the site and read it.