We escaped….again

September 27, 2004

Well, Ivan didn’t get us, but Jeanne did. She took the same track that Frances did. Oy!

However, Jeanne moved much faster than Frances and we were only in the eyewall for about 4 hours instead of 8 or 9. Most of the trees were so damaged already that there wasn’t anything left to thrash, so our apartment complex simply has a few more branches to pick up. Our power was only out for a day and our dsl and cable were working when the power came back on.

I guess practice makes perfect with the utility people, eh?

Sigh, it’s so very depressing. We’re less than two months away from moving and we’re so stressed from the bad weather that I haven’t even really started getting things ready for the move. I’m not worried, though, I’m good at getting things together, even at the last minute.

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