..and forever in peace may you wave

July 7, 2004

It was a tough Independance Day for me this year. I love my country – or, more correctly, the potential that it has. Day to day, I’m finding it hard to keep that ‘love’ in my heart as I see things done in my country’s name that appal me.

I wanted to celebrate my country’s birthday, but found it hard to be a what so many others are – a mindless flag-waver, ready to forgive any sin my country may make just because it is my country. That’s not love, that’s laziness and an indulgence that will ruin us all. I do love my country, but like any good partner in a mature relationship, I will continue to hold it to the high standards that I know it’s capable of. Right now, it’s not living up to those standards and a childish bully is leading it ever downward.

I heard a great quote about blind patriotism this past weekend: “Patriotism is the last refuge of scoundrals.” It was credited to a Dr. Samuel Johnson, but the person I heard it from was…Wonder Woman. Yes, Wonder Woman – Ms. Red, White and Blue herself. You know, the woman who wore our flag before it was fashionable? (Anything looks good when Linda Carter is wearing it.)

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