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Why is it so hard to read?

February 16, 2004

So, I switched my mailing list to my new server and sent out an email to my old mailing list members informing them of this. This email clearly states that they have to click on the link to be added to the new list. It ALSO states that if they do not wish to be added, to DO NOTHING and they will be removed.

So, of course, I get a reply asking me to remove them from the mailing list.

I work in customer service and I see this all the time. Unfortunately, since this wasn’t work related, I replied in haste and wasn’t too nice about it. I do regret that I was snippy, but really, why can’t people read anymore and follow simple instructions?

Drives me batty and I’m pretty close to the belfry as it is.



Off-Balance Kitty (Redundant?)

February 10, 2004

This past weekend we had a bit of a scare. Our Kitty, Audrey, went to the vet and when she came back, she looked worse than when she came in.

Turns out that the poor thing had had an ear infection, her right eardrum ruptured (youch!) and her left eardrum was irritated. It was so irritated it made on of her eyes ‘constrict.’ She looked all crazy with one dilated eye, and one eye a little cat-eye slit.

The vet figured out the problem and we have her on anti-biotics but it was a little weird with ‘Dizzy’, ‘Off-Balance’ ‘CRAZY’ kitty for a day.



First Blog Post

February 9, 2004

Yeah, I went and got one of those web journal, blog, log, frog…..whatever, things. This will take the place of the Notes from the Webmaster section of my Michael J. Fox fansite, keeping the politics and personal views separate.

I saw this picture on BartCop yesterday and found it sadly funny.